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Make your Home Exquisite with Effective Home Improvement Solutions
Posted by joseeliyo1232 on September 18th nike air max thea femme pas cher , 2016

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There are some dedicated professional companies which are efficient in providing you with all your interior designing needs. They have an array of different fittings and designs to meet all your needs perfectly with your home modifications and also to transform your basic interiors into a synonym of luxury and grandeur. They have the best fitted bathrooms Hertfordshire accessories to instantly change the appearance of your bathroom, rendering it highly functional and stylish at the same time.

Dobsons is one such reputable company that provides all the solutions for bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe fittings and many aesthetically beautiful doors and windows. Dobsons is a one stop shop for all problems related to furnishing and home renovations. All the product of the company meet international standard of quality and functioning. They provide high end and state-of-the-art designs to make your home an abode of grandeur and elegance. They offer a plethora of designs in doors and windows too including Georgian bars, bi-fold doors air max thea femme pas cher , flush casements, storm proof casements etc.

About Dobsons:

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Enjoy Daolang Muqam and Maixirepu Dance

Posted by ugfanfan on October 30th, 2014

The Daolang Muqam is a kind of Uygur folk dance integrated with song, dance and music. With a long history and complete form, the Daolang Muqam has a rich frontier fortress style. Dolan is an ancient name of Markit, later it was expanded for Uygurs living in several places in the Tarim Basin. They developed oases on the edge of the Taklamakhan Desert. The Uygur people living in the counties of Meget, Bachu http://www.airmaxtheapascher-fr.com/nike-air-max-thea-boutique.html , Shache, and Awati call themselves "Dolang", and the place in which they live "Dolang". At present, the Daolang Muqam has become a necessity activity in celebrating the holidays and in the leisure entertainment. Many actions of the gymnastics and martial arts are mingled into this ancient folk art, which make the Daolang Muqam more free, flexible and fascinating.


It is said that the Daolang Muqam had 12 sets originally but now only 9 of them are extant http://www.airmaxtheapascher-fr.com/ , including the Baxibayawan Muqam, Zierbayawan Muqam and Querbayawan Muqam, etc. Each set of the Daolang Muqam is composed of Mukaidiman, Qieketuoman, Sainaimu, Sailekaisi and Selimaer five parts. Each sets of the Daolang Muqam can last for 6 to 9 minutes. The nine set of Daolang Muqam costed about half and one hours. The librettos of the Daolang Muqam were all the folk music of the Daolang area. It reveals the happy chaussure nike air max tn pas cher , sorrow, anger and the joy of the Uygur proplr and all the aspects of social life. The Daolang Muqam was started from the folk culture and developed in the palace of the city and county on the oasis. With integration, the various, comprehensive, residence and the popular art form of the Uygur People were formed. Compared with other Moqum, the Daolang Muqam in Xinjing has its own distinctive art features. In 2006 chaussure air max tn pas cher , the Daolang Muqam, a kind of folk custom, was listed as the first batch of national nonmaterial cultural heritage.

Maixirepu Dance

Originally, the Maixirepu Dance means the joyful entertainment. The folk dance Maixirepu is the most popular entertainment activity among the Uygur people. All people, men or women, old or young can participate in performances. There are no strict limitations on numbers of players or performance time. In addition nike air max tn pas cher , it can be played everywhere at anytime on festivals or at wedding celebrations. With singing and dancing in a warm and festive atmosphere, the dance Maixirepu has a broad mass bass and reveals the Uygur national characteristics vividly.

Maixirepu Dance in Uygur, is popular mainly in areas from the Ye'erqiang River to the Tarim River, northwest of the Tarim Basin, with Maigaiti County at the center. Generally speaking, Maixirepu is divided into four categories according to its functions: rituals of festivals and celebrations as well as life rituals air max tn pas cher , farming and animal husbandry, social activities, and other folk custom activities. All the dances are formed by the three to six beat and without interlude or even a long rhythm. The librettos are linked up by some unrelated poetry. The scale mode of the song is given priority to natural seven sound orders and accompanied by five or six sound orders occasionally. Maixirepu still preserves the primitive flavor of the Tarim aboriginal song and dance performances. It is not only enriched the daily life of Uygur people but provides a valuable material to the study of the history, social life and folk customs of the Daolang Uygurs.

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