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you get a chance to learn some Python basics Max Scharping Jersey , such as using the print function to display output. You will read about using variables and how to assign values to variables, and you will gain an understanding of their data types. By the end of the hour, you will know how to get data into a script by using the input function and write your first Python script!
Producing Python Script Output
Understanding how to produce output from a Python script is a good starting point for those who are new to the Python programming language. You get instant feedback on your Python statements from the Python interactive interpreter and can experiment with proper syntax.
Using Characters as print Function Arguments
To display characters (also called string literals) using the print function, you need to enclose the characters in either a set of single quotes or double quotes. Listing 4.1 shows using a pair of single quotes to enclose characters (a sentence) so it can be used as a print function argument.
Try It Yourself: Create Output with the print Function
This hour you have been reading about creating and formatting output by using the print function. Now it is your turn to try this versatile Python tool. Follow these steps:
1. If you have not already done so, power up your Raspberry Pi and log in to the system.
2. If you do not have the GUI started automatically at boot, start it now by typing startx and pressing Enter.
3. Open a terminal by double-clicking the Terminal icon.
4. At the command-line prompt Tytus Howard Jersey , type python3 and press Enter. You are taken to the Python interactive shell, where you can type Python statements and see immediate results.
5. At the Python interactive shell prompt (>>>), type print('I learned about the print function.') and press Enter.
6. At the prompt, type print('I learned about single quotes.') and press Enter.
7. At the prompt, type print("Double quotes can also be used.") and press Enter.
By the Way: Multiple Lines with Triple Double Quotes
In steps 8鈥?0 Deshaun Watson Jersey , you will not be completing the print function on one line. Instead, you will be using triple double quotes to enable multiple lines to be entered and displayed.
8. At the prompt, type print("""I learned about things like... and press Enter.
9. Type triple quotes, and press Enter.
10. Type and displaying text on multiple lines.""") and press Enter. Notice that the Python interactive shell did not output the Python print statement argument until you had fully completed it with the closing parenthesis.
11. At the prompt, type print('Single quotes protect "double quotes" in output.') and press Enter.
12. At the prompt Justin Reid Jersey , type print("Double quotes protect 'single quotes' in output.") and press Enter.
13. At the prompt, type print("A backslash protects \"double quotes\" in output.") and press Enter.
14. At the prompt, type print('A backslash protects \'single quotes\' in output.') and press Enter. Using the backslash to protect either single or double quotes enables you to maintain your chosen method of consistently using single (or double) quotes around your print function argument.
15. At the prompt, type print("The backslash character \\ is an escape character.") and press Enter.
16. At the prompt, type print("Use escape sequences to \n insert a linefeed.") and press Enter. In the output DeAndre Hopkins Jersey , notice how part of the sentence, Use escape sequences to, is on one line and the end of the sentence, insert a linefeed., is on another line. This is due to your insertion of the escape sequence \n in the middle of the sentence.
17. At the prompt Cheap Texans Jerseys , type print("Use escape sequences to \t\t insert two tabs or" and press Enter.
18. At the . . . prompt, type "insert a check mark: \u2714") and press Enter.
You can do a lot with the print function to display and format output! In fact, you could spend this entire hour just playing with output formatting. However, there are additional important Python basics you need to learn, such as formatting scripts for readability.
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Dog training advice you get from friends and neighbors is usually about as useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle. In fact, even the dog training advice you read in dog training books written by so called experts seems to conflict. So, what should you believe when after all is said and done, you feel more confused than ever?

Well, use your common sense. The dog world is a funny place for the uninitiated dog owner trying to find his way through the maze of egos and insecurity so often displayed by those who are supposedly in the know. Stick with the basics and don't let yourself get caught up in all the hair-brained Kahale Warring Black Jersey , psychobabble that makes you start to wonder if you're being a horrible dog owner.

These are the simple facts folks. They're undeniable and have been for thousands of years.

Dogs learn through association and repetition.

Dogs want to have fun, even if it's at your expense.

Dogs don't run toward unpleasant experiences.

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